COVID-19 Treatments

As COVID-19 rapidly evolves it is evading antibodies and vaccinations to survive. For the last year monoclonal antibodies have saved a countless number of lives. We have had several different types of antibodies that change in effectiveness as COVID-19 variants changes. For now, Bebtelovimab is the monoclonal that is working to neutralize the most prevalent variants circulating B.4 and B.5. Please call for more information on the current FDA under the EUA approved treatment for Covid-19.

Please Call 832-296-7709 for more information on the current FDA under the EUA-approved treatment for Covid-19.


Evusheld is the only EUA approved Monoclonal antibody to be used as a preventive measure for COVID-19. Evusheld is only for people who are not Covid positive and who have immune-comprised conditions. A physician order must be written for Evusheld. At this time Evusheld seems to be effective for the most common circulating covid variant this year. However, this may change. Please call for more information regarding Evusheld.

Covid symptom management treatments

Read and research how the IV vitamins pictured below can help manage Covid-19 symptoms and Long haul Covid issues. Call Greater Elevations for more information on how a simple IV drip with one of the additives below can help you manage your Covid-19 illness naturally.