Weight Loss Shots

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The one lesson we all should’ve learned from Covid-19 is the fact that we as Americans are unhealthy.

We are missing a lot of the key nutrients and minerals we need in our diet to fight off infections. As a nurse, a lot of the Covid-19 patients I took care of were OBESE and had either diabetes and or hypertension. Our obesity rate is slightly increasing along with a lot of diseases and illness.

We offer Lipotropic ( Fat burning shots) at Greater Elevations. The B vitamins are essential to improving issues with anemia and maintaining weight. Check out the pictures of the Lipotropic shots we offer. Email us today to learn more.

Shed those Pandemic pounds today!

Testosterone Testing and Injections

We offer Testosterone testing and injections.

Again, our goal is to get you feeling at 100% of your natural self. Low Testosterone happens to both men and women and can cause a multitude of issues. Don’t be embarrassed, come see me and start to get rid of your fatigue, sexual dysfunction and weight gain today.

Private appointments available. Call today for pricing, we offer tele-visits, testing and injections for an affordable price.

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